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Acrocinus Longimanus


Acrocinus longimanus on cardboard

Origin: Peru

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Acrocinus longimanus on cardboard

The harlequin beetle (Acrocinus longimanus) is a tropical longhorn beetle native from southern Mexico to Uruguay. The harlequin beetle feeds on sap and is given this name because of its elaborate pattern of black, red and greenish yellow markings on the wing covers of both sexes. The species name longimanus is a Latin word that refers to the extremely long forelegs (manus) of the males, which are usually longer than the beetle’s entire body. As an adult, the species is very large, with a body that can measure nearly 76 mm (3 inches) in length. It is also famous for carrying pseudoscorpions as a form of phoresy. (Wikipedia)

Origin: Peru


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Acrocinus Longimanus – Entiques
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